1. We are not producers and we are not exporters. We are brokers, commissioned agents, with 21 years experience in sugar export from Brazil.

  2. Due to the above, we cannot pay commission to other brokers.

  3. We do only small volumes, minimum 260 tons and maximum 1500 tons per shipment, in containers.

  4. Usual payment in case of containers loads is 20%/30% in advance, by TT, and balance against copy of shipping documents. Very seldom we find an exporter to accept LC, and when it happens, it is only for the balance.

  5. Our suppliers/exporters are all large and reliable companies, and they want to deal only with experienced people in the sugar business, to have better chance to develop a long lasting business relationship, for mutual benefit. This means that to get good answers, buyers must respond to the following questions:

    • buyers' main business activity;
    • are they direct importers, or brokers, or distributors?
    • what buyers know about sugar?
    • what will be their buying capacity?
    • what type/grade of sugar do they deal with?
    • what is the target price for their market?


Brazilian Sugar Production

One must know that Brazil produces about 40 million tons of sugar per year. From that volume, about 73% is raw brown sugar; 24% is white unrefined sugar, and only 3% is white refined sugar, with colour maximum 45 Icumsa.


Please, see below pictures and specification of the sugar we can supply:

White Refined Sugar
White Refined Sugar:
  • polarization min. 99.80%
  • colour max. 45 Icumsa
  • ash max. 0.04%
  • moisture max. 0.04%

White Crystal Sugar
White Crystal Sugar:
  • polarization min. 99.70%
  • colour max. 150 Icumsa
  • ash max. 0.08%
  • moisture max. 0.08%

Raw Brown Sugar (VHP)
Raw Brown Sugar (VHP):
  • polarization from 99.00% to 99.50%
  • colour between 450 and 1200 Icumsa
  • ash max. 0.15%
  • moisture max. 0.15%


Usual packing is 50 kg bags, but under special request we can check other sizes, like 1000 kg big bags; 25 kg, and small household bags of 1 kg, 2 kg, and 5 kg.


It depends on the quantity, the destination port, and the period of the year (whether it is harvesting season or intercrop). Anyways, average is 20/25 days from business conclusion.


Being a commodity, sugar price is subject to the daily market levels. So, there will be a price for each inquiry, and it will be an indiction, for final price will be stated when buyer is ready to place firm and irrevocable order.


As stated on item 4 of Basic Important Points.


In case of containers loads (which is our main goal), there is no need for LOI, POF, BCL, etc., from buyers' side. Procedures are very simple, as bellow:

  1. Buyers and sellers agree on price and conditions
  2. Buyers confirm purchase order, by e-mail
  3. Sellers issue Pro Forma Invoice and Sales Contract
  4. Buyers sign Pro Forma and Contract and return to sellers, by e-mail
  5. Buyers effect the downpayment
  6. Upon receipt of downpayment, sellers ship goods
  7. Sellers send copy of shippind documents to buyers
  8. Buyers effect payment of balance
  9. Sellers send original documents by courier

In case balance is paid by LC, following is the procedure:

  1. As above
  2. As above
  3. As above
  4. As above
  5. Buyers effect the downpayment and open the LC
  6. Upon receipt of downpayment and LC, sellers ship goods
  7. Sellers give shipping docs to the negotiating bank in Brazil
  8. Negotiating bank in Brazil checks docs and if all in good order, pays sellers and send docs to opening bank abroad.


For Sugar inquiries email us at

Sugar From Brazil

Mr. Ervim Tonolli (72)
Phone/fax: (55 21) 2148 0528
Skype: ervim-tonolli

Mr. Edmilson Graciano da Silveira (67)
Phone/fax: (55 85) 3318 1281
Skype: edmilsongraciano

We are in the sugar business since 1992.

OUR PROPOSAL is to assist/guide foreign buyers to buy Brazilian sugar in a safe and proper way, with no risk at all.

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 X  We are pleased to inform that we can also offer brazilian rice in containers, as follows: